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Easy teaching,
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Root is the world's first learning environment designed by students, for students.

Root makes teaching easy for instructors and makes learning fun for students. Use Root in your classroom to keep students engaged and help them build great learning habits.

and Root is totally free to use. Always.
Root Makes Teaching Easy
Make Every Lecture Count

Use Polling to steer your lecture with feedback on how students are learning.

With Polling, you can poll the whole class with a question and students can respond with any web-enabled device for free - no hardware or purchases required. Student performance is automatically recorded in your Grade Dashboard and students receive real-time reinforcement to help them learn great study habits.
Grading on Auto-pilot

At-home assignments are crucial for making sure students are keeping up, but grading consumes your time! Root Quizzes are an easy way to assess students while they’re not in class. Quizzes are easy to create, easy to take, and grades are automatically calculated and loaded into your Dashboard. Students receive instantaneous feedback and rewards to help them stay motivated.
... and Learning Engaging
Learning is Better Together

Students learn better when they teach each other. The Stream is a real-time line conversation between everyone in the course. Get in the minds of your students and let them help each other with this easy-to-use module in Root.
Curate the Classroom

Students are more engaged in learning with websites, videos, and interactive media. Boards is the best and easiest tool for collecting, organizaing, and sharing 21st-century curriculum. Your students can access your content online anywhere, anytime. Developing and delvering a great course has never been easier.

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